Correcting Oral Issues with Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is becoming a popular technique that provides an alternative option for your dental procedures. Lasers work by creating energy in a light form. They are set at different wavelengths and vaporize the tissue when it comes in contact with it. The tissue absorbs the wavelength of light at a setting that is acceptable for the procedure so it can be accurately completed. The team at Leading Edge Oral Surgery has extensive experience using laser technology for soft tissue procedures.

There are several procedures the team at Leading Edge Oral Surgery incorporates the laser process.  They used this method to treat a “gummy smile” which is when lasers are used to reshape your gum tissue so your gums do not cover a significant area of your teeth. In addition, lasers can remove soft tissue folds that were caused by dentures that did not properly fit. Gingivectomies procedures also incorporate lasers as they help remove infected gum tissue. Laser technology can also perform biopsies since they can remove a piece of soft tissue and can also remove lesions that are dangerous or cancerous.

There are several advantages to this technique such as less swelling and inflammation, faster treatment times, no incisions inside your mouth, and minimize bleeding. There are also some disadvantages as well. Unfortunately, they cannot be used on teeth that already have fillings. In this case, traditional drills will still be used. Also, using a laser for your dental procedure does not necessarily eliminate the need for sedation as it can still cause pain or discomfort.

Laser dentistry is extremely safe and there is less risk of infection with this method, In addition, lasers are FDA approved, so they are completely viable to use for dental work. The team at Leading Edge Oral Surgery can help you decide if using this method works better for you than the traditional methods. 

If you would like more information on the laser dentistry treatments we provide or any of the other services we offer, contact our Elmhurst or Manhattan, NY offices to schedule an appointment today. 

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