Why You Should See a Specialist for Dental Implants

Dental Implant

When one or more teeth are missing, chances are you get a recommendation for dental implants as a way to restore your smile and revitalize your oral functionality. Dental implants can provide a life-long solution to tooth loss, and in many cases are the recommended treatment method. 

As this treatment grows in popularity, so do the oral care practitioners who offer this service. For the following four factors stated below, it is important to get your dental implants from a dental specialist. 

1.   Experience 

A dentist has to undergo extensive and comprehensive training to become a specialist, this can take years to complete. During this time, the doctor develops both analytical and practical skills which will enable him to establish appropriate treatment plans for patients of varying circumstances. 

Although conventional dentists may undergo formal or weekend training or continuing education courses, there is no scope or depth of surgical specialist training in these programs. Working with a range of scenarios and learning how to negate problems is an essential part of the training of a specialist and will help you to achieve successful results.

2.   Success Rate 

Historically, dental implants display a high rate of success. The Institute for Dental Implant Awareness notes that they find that between 95 and 97 percent of all marketplace procedures are successful. This success rate is a result of the large number of seasoned professionals who have been preparing for years to complete this complex process.

3.   Final Appearance 

You expect seamless, natural results when you commit to dental implants to replace missing teeth and that’s what specialists provide. You can expect your new implant’s angle, color, size, and positioning to fit your jaw perfectly with a professional. 

 4.   Longevity 

Implants should last 30 or more years if properly placed. For this desired durability, every detail has to be carefully attended to. To arrange an appointment with an implant specialist, contact the office of Dr. Doron Kalman located in Elmhurst or Manhattan, New York.

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