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Leading Edge Oral Surgery is a leading provider of comprehensive business support services to high-potential Oral Surgical offices. Leading Edge
is led by an experienced team of Oral Surgeons who bring together the best of Oral Surgery and the best of business to deliver exceptional
outcomes. Leading Edge Oral Surgery is part of Premier Care Dental Management who offers full service dentistry and practice management to
94+ offices throughout NY, NJ, CT, MA and RI. The practice serves high-quality services in all dental specialties in state-of-the art offices.

Hear From Our Doctors


“I work with the best surgeons in the area. We are skilled, compassionate and professional. What we lacked was the ability to efficiently manage a large, multi-doctor, multi-location practice while still providing the gold-standard of care for our patients. Partnering with LEOS was the best business decision we could have made. My day to day life is improved and I truly enjoy coming to work in a smooth, efficient, productive environment. Gone are the stresses of staff issues, compliance concerns, equipment and facility maintenance and supply availability, to name a few. I have always wanted to grow our practice and with the support of Leading Edge Oral Surgery it’s finally possible.”

Joshua Gish, DDS


"Joining Leading Edge Oral Surgery has been the greatest business and personal decision I have made in my career. Prior to joining LEOS, I was overwhelmed managing multiple practices and seeing an increased number of patients. Now, LEOS manages all of the business aspects of running our growing practice, which allows me to focus my energy and attention to where it is needed most, my patients. The only thing I would do differently if I could do things over, is partner with LEOS sooner. "

Doron Kalman, DDS

Capuano Headshot (2)

"After years of managing and operating 4 successful offices while continuing to see patients full-time, I decided to partner with Leading Edge Oral Surgery. The team at LEOS made the transition as smooth as possible, and they have continued to provide unwavering support, especially during the pandemic. I am confident in their leadership and that they will continue to make the right decisions for patients, my staff, and myself. It has now been 3 years since joining the LEOS team, and I am thankful I made the decision to partner when I did."

Mario Capuano, DDS


"Growing within a large group practice was difficult to navigate at times. As the years progressed and I took on more of the business side responsibilities, I found I was spending more time working on the business side than with patients. Partnering with LEOS was a total game changer. Not only have they helped run our practices more efficiently than before, but they have allowed me to focus on what I love to do most, treat patients. Even more importantly, everything LEOS has said they would help with or take care of, they have. They have followed up on their word and have made our practices much more efficient. I enjoy going to work everyday knowing I have LEOS on my side."

Robert Bacigalupo, DDS


"Joining Leading Edge Oral Surgery has been beneficial to both my career and my patients. As a young surgeon, having skilled colleagues with years of experience is extremely helpful when navigating the early years of practice. I’ve learned so much from these Doctors and we share the same goal of providing exceptional patient care and clinical outcomes. With the full support of Leading Edge Oral Surgery I am excited for my continued professional growth."

Daniel Fleischman, DDS


"I was spreading myself thin trying to manage a large practice with multiple providers. It was getting harder and harder to focus on patient care when the business aspects of practice constantly needed attention. Since partnering with Leading Edge Oral Surgery, I no longer worry about the business side of things. I now have more time and energy to devote to my patients than ever before. Thanks, LEOS!"

David Jurman, DDS, MD, FACS

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