Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Long-Term Alternatives For Full Arch Tooth Replacement

implant supported denture
  • Multiple hopeless or failing teeth
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Ill-fitting, uncomfortable or loose dentures
  • Adequate bone support in the jaw

Supported Dentures

  • Permanent tooth replacement option
  • Strong, secure attachment
  • Solid, stable bite
  • Natural look, feel and function
  • Preserve jawbone health
  • Eat and enjoy favorite foods
  • No rocking, clicking or slipping
  • Smile, laugh and speak without worry

Removable Dentures

  • Rest atop the gums
  • May rock, slip and click
  • Do not engage or preserve the jawbone
  • Limited biting and chewing capacity
  • May rub or irritate gum tissues
  • Often require adhesive or paste for retention
  • Typically replaced or relined every five to seven years
  • Dr. Kalman Talks About Implant Supported Dentures Process

Facing full arch tooth loss? Find out if implant supported dentures are right for you!