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    TRUETEETH® Dental Implants

    A same-day tooth replacement option, TRUETEETH Dental Implants blend the stability of implants with the convenience of full-arch prosthetics. TRUETEETH allows you to have failing or hopeless teeth extracted and dental implants placed within a single visit, or easily transition from an uncomfortable denture to a permanent tooth replacement solution. Our oral surgeons position a series of four to six dental implants at strategic locations within your jaw. Your general dentist or prosthodontist then attaches a full-arch prosthetic, returning oral function and appearance to your smile.

    Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    Wisdom teeth are often impacted and otherwise problematic for many patients, causing pain, swelling and a host of additional oral concerns. Visiting an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extractions offers the highest standard of surgical care for your family. Each oral surgeon in our practice is highly proficient at removing impacted, erupted and problematic wisdom teeth with precision skill to restore a healthy oral environment and minimize oral complications. As surgical experts, we routinely perform complex wisdom teeth extractions with the highest focus on safety, while utilizing modern patient monitoring equipment. We are also certified to administer IV sedation and other options to ensure comfort and a positive extraction experience.

    Bone Grafting

    Bone loss impacts oral health and appearance, and often inhibits replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Bone grafting replaces lost bone, using bone tissue from your own mouth or a donor source, to restore the foundation of the smile and foster dental implant success. As experienced oral surgeons, we offer a range of bone grafting techniques designed to rebuild and regrow bone in the jaw. Our doctors use 3D Surgical Bone Graft Planning, CBCT imaging and other advanced techniques to perform ridge augmentation/preservation, sinus lifts and other procedures with extreme precision and predictable results.