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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth often are malpositioned, impacted in the bone or gum, or otherwise problematic, and best removed by the skilled hand of an oral surgeon. Whether your extraction needs are simple or more complex, each oral surgeon in our practice is highly proficient at removing wisdom teeth in the most minimally invasive way possible. To ensure your total comfort, we offer IV sedation and other options when undergoing wisdom teeth extractions.

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Bone Grafting

With bone grafting techniques, an oral surgeon can effectively rebuild areas of the jaw where bone loss has occurred. Bone grafting restores natural contours to the face and jaw, improves oral function and increases your candidacy for dental implants. Using 3D Bone Graft Planning and minimally invasive PIEZOSURGERY®, our oral surgeons perform sinus lift/augmentation, ridge preservation/augmentation and guided tissue reservation, among other regenerative bone grafting techniques.

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TRUETEETH Dental Implants

When receiving TRUETEETH dental implants from a leading oral surgeon, you never have to go without teeth. This full-arch replacement option lets you undergo extraction of failing teeth to implant placement, in the convenience of single day. Our oral surgeons precisely place a series of four to six implants within your jaw, to which your dentist or prosthodontist then securely attaches a full arch tooth replacement prosthesis.

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