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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth often are malpositioned, impacted in the bone or gum, or otherwise problematic, and best removed by the skilled hand of an oral surgeon. Whether your extraction needs are simple or more complex, each oral surgeon in our practice is highly proficient at removing wisdom teeth in the most minimally invasive way possible. To ensure your total comfort, we offer IV sedation and other options when undergoing wisdom teeth extractions.

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Trueteeth Dental Implants

When receiving TRUETEETH dental implants from a leading oral surgeon, you never have to go without teeth. This full-arch replacement option lets you undergo extraction of failing teeth to implant placement, in the convenience of single day. Our oral surgeons precisely place a series of four to six implants within your jaw, to which your dentist or prosthodontist then securely attaches a full arch tooth replacement prosthesis.

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Bone Grafting

With bone grafting techniques, an oral surgeon can effectively rebuild areas of the jaw where bone loss has occurred. Bone grafting restores natural contours to the face and jaw, improves oral function and increases your candidacy for dental implants. Using 3D Bone Graft Planning and minimally invasive PIEZOSURGERY®, our oral surgeons perform sinus lift/augmentation, ridge preservation/augmentation and guided tissue reservation, among other regenerative bone grafting techniques.

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Our Google Reviews

five stars

I was referred here by a trusted endodontist after my implants done elsewhere failed. Dr. Cardo figured out my issue and recommended a sinus lift (graft) which he did, followed by replacement implants. He also tested my other implants to confirm which ones were stable. Dr. Cardo lets you know what to expect, works neatly and efficiently, and is very patient with questions. So far everything I've had done here has gone as expected and healed well. I especially appreciate that despite being very experienced and also quite busy, the surgeon takes time to walk you through what will be done so that there are no surprises at any point. Same goes for the billing department. The staff in general are very helpful and efficient. Overall would highly recommend this place.

Nicole M

five stars

I’m 24 years old and I had a dead nerves in my tooth which caused it to be removed through a root canal. I was recommended to go here from my pediatric dentist of over 10 years Dr John P. Celona and of course he only sends me to the absolute best! It was first time ever getting a root canal but the staff made me feel comfortable and the procedure was quick and painless not to mention, I had no pain through the healing process either. One of the best dentist experiences I’ve ever had. I will be sure to come back if another procedure needs to be done. Very trustworthy dentistry!

Yasmine Nuñez

five stars

Everyone who works here treated me with kindness, patience, respect, honesty, and professionalism. I had an incredibly complex and serious procedure, and my phobia of dentists is severe. Dr. Merriam is fantastic: his bedside manner is terrific, his skill unmatched. My procedure was flawless, my pain was minimal, my recovery quick, and my healing perfect. Dr. Merriam even called me on his day off (the day after surgery), to check on me. The staff is wonderful, the surgical assistants, everyone was so nice and well-trained. They make insurance pay as much as possible! Don’t go anywhere else.

Charles Blizzard

five stars

Best place ever! From the ladies at the front desk to the assistant doctors and doctors that performed surgery made my visits amazing. I was scared to remove my wisdom teeth the first time, although the doctors did a wonderful job that I had so much trust in them and would recommended this place to anyone. The doctor I had was doctor Maryam (not sure if I spelled his name right). He assured me that everything would be fine. He was confident as can be. He is also the best at numbing the nerve like no other. If you're nervous and afraid I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE! I literally told them if I could remove my wisdom teeth all over again I would just because they did an amazing job.

Nessya Hakanjin

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